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  1. @armandoartist i bought the ”AJ golf” dvd, and use the little bat ideal to improve the release when i drive. coupled that with a few lessons off a pro to sort my posture and stance out , result is, im now enjoyin golf instead of trying to play and i dont hit as far, i sacrificed a good 20-30 yards off my drive, but i hit a lot of fairways now, and the short game tips are nothing short of spectacular

  2. @sweetstoats
    Google “AJ golf little bat” it talks about using the club correctly and releasing the right way. Once I learned that I stopped wasting my time on any part of the rest of my swing. I don’t keep a handicap but I shoot in the 80’s most of the time. Without ever releasing the club. I’m trying the “little bat” idea on the range and it feels effortless. I’ll be trying it at the course today, I’m looking to get more consistent off the tee.

  3. This is wonderful analysis, though I’d agree with some here that you can’t argue with results.One question I have for anybody here that cares to respond: I have a bad habit of holding on and NOT releasing. I compensate by strengthening my left hand, but I often still block, and think it might be good for me to release the heck out of it as Donald does – just to learn how to let it go. Reasonable idea?

  4. If you have that much lateral motion, you need great tempo and timing, which Donald has. OTOH, he’s not the straightest driver in the world. Low lofted club plus lots of face rotation with tend to make you erratic. He’s a lot like Ollie in this regard great ball striker with the irons, spray it around with the driver.

  5. Interesting analysis on two different types of swings. I’m just not so sure your favoritism to the mahan swing is meaningful. I’m not convinced at all that Luke’s re-cocking of the wrists is “manipulation”. That re-cocking is a natural reaction to gravity if you use your wrists as an oily, centrifugal hinge. Also, why is it that so many handsy players like Donald and Watson are doing so well on tour? Could it have something to with the fact that the fingers are extremely sensitive human organs?

  6. Luke is now world number one, and 10 yards longer than Manassero … Mahan is 92nd in Driving Distance and 85th in Driving Accuracy, so it’s maybe not the best ‘reference’.

  7. This is called body weight transfer, it is a method that many golfers use to get rid of a bad shot, 9 times out of 10 it is a hook. Which Luke Donald used to struggle with. On the down swing he coils his legs downwards and moves his weight onto the left side to make his finish more square to the ball instead of him leaning back on the shot and simply losing his balance.

  8. Really enjoyed the analysis. It just goes to show how good Luke’s timing is to hit the ball as well as he does.

  9. This is a great video, and a great analysis. I’ll have to analyze my own swing a little bit better than what I was doing before…..because I tired, of hitting sloppy, salimy fades!

  10. Hey would you be able to do a swing analysis of my swing if i sent you a vid. Message back please

  11. What a strange set of comparisons, as someone else said manessaro is probably the shortest hitter on tour and Mahan is an average ball striker. Luke has always been one of the most consistent iron players on tour, maybe we should start teaching feel rather than mechanics and we might start producing a few more great players.

  12. You say the modern swing is more ‘functional’. Can you elaborate? Seems like the swings of Nicklaus, Snead and Weiskopf were pretty functional.

  13. A very keen analysis! The stalling body hand release observation – a timing nightmare in my experience. But he gets is done.

  14. Why are you using manaserro as an example of a modern swing, he hits it nowhere?!! Terrible choice for comparison

  15. Great analysis! Similar looking initial takeaway but great emphasis on the differences from there on……. really helping me with my understanding of my own swing!!

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