8 thoughts on “Luke Donald: Slow Motion bunker in HD”

  1. I took a tip from one of his bunker play videos and almost holed out from a
    greenside bunker. It was going in but hit the pin and bounced 2 inches from
    the hole.

  2. There’s a whole series of bunker tips with Luke on the Mizuno Masterclass.
    All on You Tube on the mizunogolfeurope channel.

  3. The video is on this channel somewhere or on the “armchair sessions”
    channel. Basically, the tip was a combination from videos of having the
    shaft leaning back a bit at address and having the face really open
    (basically flat). One of the videos on this channel I watched is called
    “Luke Donald Bunker Tutorial”. It worked for me and I ended up hitting some
    shots like in the video. 🙂

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