Luke Donald Plans To Reach Summit Of Golf Again

Luke Donald, who is also known as the miracle man had been back at Riviera Country Club last few days. He is trying to re-establish the good memories, and attempting to initiate the climb, his style back up the mountain, towards the summit that he conquered at one point of time.

And the good news is that at least in one respect he succeeded, as he made his first cut of the year 2018. Except he requires rather more than scraping into the weekend in the case he is arrested a downfall that is starting to look unalterable.

Considering the fact that it was just more than five years ago Donald was world No1. And then mind that he came into Genesis Open after having three missed cuts to start the campaign, ranked 177th. This was the lowest he has been after his first season as a professional 15 years ago and also without a win in over four years.

Donald is now 40 but to him, golfing life have never felt less like it was during at the beginning. Yet he admits that the fire is lit and that the hunger exists within him to dine once more at the exclusive tables.

Three years back, he told the Telegraph Sport that he had wondered if he really wanted to continue doing this. But sessions with Dr Michael Gervais the famous sports psychologist who worked with Felix Baumgartner rekindled the desire of Donald and although his career has hardheartedly carried on its freefall, leaving the game was no longer in his mind.

Irrespective of this fact with on-course earnings of the amount of £40million, and off-course at least the same again, now he requires the weekly pay cheques hardly. This is amazing and inspiring.