6 thoughts on “World No.1 Luke Donald Driver FO Slow Motion Golf Swing US Open 2011”

  1. Luke Donald doesn’t play his driver or any shot from ball position in his stance he plays from ball position to his body for example pitching wedge he plays under his chin long iron more under his left ear and driver more under his left arm pit.

  2. I tried this same swing and set up. Center front by 2 inches and wrist just a bit in front of the ball. I ended up hitting it really well. Had a few over 300 yds. I notice that the more I move the ball forward the more it drew, hooked and then a duck hooked. I’m thinking the club face is too closed in this set up if you move it to the club to far forward. I really wanted to get it right inside my left heel but it kept on hooking. Moving it center front worked for me.

  3. @saijinkai it looks center/front. He may have been trying to hit a “control” drive that doesn’t go as far but goes a little higher thanks to backspin and a little straighter

  4. Just wondering, is that ball position off the left heel or was that almost center of the stance , almost like hitting a long iron/3W ?

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