Luke Donald Hired Old Coach In The Hope Of Previous Glory

When some of the best players of Europe are in Abu Dhabi, Luke Donald is going to be present in Honolulu on Thursday.

For Donald, this year means a year where he visits his roots to make himself stronger. Even though he could actually take part in some European Tours and he was seen playing better at the PGA tour of the West Coast Swing, he is determined to start in Honolulu. By doing this, he hopes to be back on track for the Sony Open.

Till August of 2012, Luke was still the world no. 1 but then it was Rory Mcllory who took over the spot and Tiger Woods reclaimed his position. After winning the majors back to back, Mcllory again came to the top whereas Donald began diminishing.

In order to improve his chances in the majors, Luke had appointed a new swing coach but little did he realize that it was a bad decision to take up in the middle of the year. As a result he slipped from the top 30 and also had to pass for the Ryder Cup.

This was the main reason for him to return to Pat Gross who was his coach at Northwestern. Donald had also thought of Chuck Cook but then he changed his mind even though he liked the way they were approaching because his mind couldn’t agree with the changes made.

Donald had said that he spent too much time and also effort trying to put to use what Cook wanted him to do but that made him sway a little form his strengths. He was more concentrated on improving his weaknesses but forgot about the strengths. He had that to him consistency meant to be at par when he needed and to grind his way out when he was not at his best form.