5 thoughts on “Luke Donald driver 210fps slow motion #18 Augusta DTL”

  1. @TheGolfSage you should keep your advice to your self. Turns out this guy
    was No 1 in the world. I would love to see your broke ass swing a golf
    club. Its people like you that kill this wonderful game.

  2. Oh, TheGolfSage rears his ugly head once more and dazzles us all with his
    words of wisdom about how all the best golfers in the world are actually

  3. As Luke’s backswing nears the top, his right elbow flies away from his
    body. When your right elbow flies away from your right side at the top of
    the backswing, there is a tendency to swing on too upright of a downswing
    plane, from outside-to-inside, cutting across the ball and causing a slice.
    It is very difficult to consistently return the right elbow to your right
    side on the downswing to return to the proper, flatter downswing plane and
    deliver a square clubface to the ball at impact.–GS.

  4. So much of what GS thinks he knows just isn’t so. History is replete with
    champions in this sport who didn’t have the golf swings that would pass
    GS’s criteria of perfection. Nicklaus had a flying right elbow, Raymond
    Floyd had a flat take away, Snead had too much knee action, Nancy Lopez had
    crappy tempo, and Furyk… don’t get GS started on him… lol. GS is the
    YouTube golf world’s preeminent keyboard commando. Just ignore it if you

  5. Now that the new golf physics (read:real) are clearly understood by
    teachers, this BS you peddle on swing videos is going to look more and more
    silly and misguided. What you are saying is dead wrong in terms of what the
    physics dictate. That’s why players like Luke, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson
    and Fred Couples have performed so well over such a long period of time.
    What looks aesthetically right is often wrong in terms of what might be
    empirically correct.

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